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hope for a lasting marriage
Is there hope for a lasting marriage?
The following relationship advice will help you minimize marriage problems and avoid being a divorce statistic. By Dennis Rainey A woman once shared with me her view...
Maddalena Film
“Maddalena” is a film that documents, in a beautiful and touching way, the interactions of Jesus with the women of the New Testament, seen through the eyes of...
“IlluminAnima”: un dialogo in immagini Aristotele ha detto: “L’anima non pensa mai senza immagini”. “IlluminAnima” lavora come una...
Who is God?
Who is God?
Who is God? What is He like? Six personality traits of God... The virtual piazza where you can consider your own life experiences and hear about the profound meaning of an...
Agape is the Greek word for love, but not just any kind of love.

Agape love is unconditional and unrestrained--it is the love of God. The love of Jesus Christ redeems broken and hurting people and radically transforms their lives. Because we have experienced this outpouring of love in our lives, we desire to share it with others.  < read more >

Incontrarsi con Dio

Incontrarsi con Dio

Incontrarsi con Dio is a six session series designed to introduce the central themes of the...
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Marriage Conferences
Marriage Conferences


Hope for Life Project
2016 Malawi Hope For Life Project - Un Sorriso Per Il Malawi

Come to 2016 Mission Trip - Malawi Hope For Life Project! If you enjoy good health and are not offended to hear about God and the Gospel. You are invited to come with us to Malawi.

This website was born from the desire to know God and the salvation that He offers us in Jesus The site is simple, interactive and easily understood.

... It is a section of the ministry of Agape Italia, which draws with both hands to the richness of the biblical text and provides a set of tools that help to support, train and educate couples so that they can meet the challenges of our present...
Long Distance Adoption

Agape in Action promotes an ongoing long distance adoption project. This is to financially sponsor high school students who are orphans or coming from very poor families. Helping high school students to finish their education is a wonderful way...
Promozione della donna nelle aree rurali Malawi
Other Projects...

Rural Women Development We want to encourage women in the remote villages to come together to conceive a sustainable project to generate an income for their families. In this way they develop self esteem and feel helpful in their community. We...